Joe Rogan Has Contracted Coronavirus

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan, the famous podcast host, informed millions of his followers last Wednesday that he had contracted coronavirus. He also stated that he had used ivermectin- a drug which was usually used on livestock, and was urged by health experts to not be consumed. Rogan has been the long-term host for his immensely famous podcast on Spotify.

After he got his results, he posted a video on Instagram where he explained that he had tested positive for the virus after he returned from a live show on Saturday. He had experienced the symptoms- leading to him using any medication he could get his hands on.

Joe Rogan Disregarding FDA Cautions To Use Ivermectin 

Joe Rogan mentioned that his treatments involved ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies. Now, Ivermectin is not an antiviral drug and is usually used to prevent parasites in animals like horses. The Food and Drug Administration in the country went through the previous month informing people to stop listening to blatant misinformation which claims that the treatment for livestock would be useful for curing Covid. The FDA stated that there were multiple reports of patients who had to be hospitalized after they had self-medicated with ivermectin. 

The FDA further clarified that the ivermectin tablets which were approved by FDA were originally meant to cure people with a few specific conditions. These conditions were usually caused by parasitic worms as well as topical formulations like skin conditions- but the drug was different from the one that was used by Joe Rogan. In fact, the topical formulations as well as the Ivermectin tablets have very specific doses that are much smaller than the doses which are meant for livestock. 

One can stake a claim that Joe Rogan, with around 13 million followers on Instagram and the most-streamed podcast on Spotify, should be using his position to carefully research and medicate himself. Rogan was previously criticized by health officials for spreading wrong information about Covid vaccines.