New Stimulus Check Proposals That Could Reach $1200

stimulus check
Stimulus Check

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government provided stimulus checks to families, which had a substantial impact on reducing child poverty and helping them survive financially challenging times.

However, it has been a very long time since American bank accounts have received government stimulus checks. And a strong lawmaker wants to change that.

Representative Ilhan Omar is a part of “The Squad,” a powerful alliance of progressive youth lawmakers. In a recent editorial for the Star Tribune, she supported a variety of stimulus measures that would give the vast majority of Americans much-needed funding.

Fresh Proposals For Stimulus Checks

Omar’s opinion piece was inspired by legislation enacted in her home state of Minnesota to aid working families. These Minnesota proposals’ improved child tax credits would provide families earning $50,000 or less with payments of $1,000 per child. Omar endorsed this notion and suggested that it be handled at the federal level rather than being left to the states.

Omar went on to list two particular government programs she would back. One of these is the expanded Child Tax Credit. The expanded credit was introduced under the most recent COVID-19 stimulus legislation, which was adopted soon after President Joe Biden took office. 

Parents of children under the age of six may receive a Stimulus Check of $3,600, while parents of children between the ages of six and seventeen might receive a credit of $3,000. Parts of these credits were distributed throughout the year in the form of $250–$300 monthly payments.

Omar requests the reinstatement of the expanded credit because it was supposed to expire in 2021. She noted that “millions of households need the lifesaver they need,” thus the expanded Child Tax Credit must be permanently reintroduced. She said that she wanted to keep pushing for the SUPPORT Act, which would provide five years of monthly payments of $1,200 for adults and $600 for kids.