Newly unsealed documents describe Ghislaine Maxwell’s abuse of one of Epstein’s alleged victims

An alleged victim of Epstein, Virginia Giuffre spoke about the extent of her abuse at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein under a deposition that took place in 2016. Giuffre also mentioned how she was recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s ex-girlfriend who also played the role of recruiting young women to his sex-trafficking island. She also talks about Maxwell asked her to have sex with quite a large number of men, which included Prince Andrew.

In the deposition, Guiffre was asked to name all the people she had to have sex with, wherein she could only remember a few including Prince Andrew, and Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico. Obviously, this was quite a harrowing memory for Giuffre and she couldn’t remember the others.

“Look, I’ve given you what I know right now,” Giuffre said in response. “I’m sorry. This is very hard for me and very frustrating to have to go over this. I don’t — I don’t recall all of the people. There was a large amount of people that I was sent to.”

But Maxwell and her attorneys have been working overtime to portray Giuffre as an unreliable narrator- with errors in dates, and details.