Texas Democrats Plan 7-Figure Ad Buy To Turn State Blue

With the Election month drawing closer by the day, Texas Democrats announce their plan to roll out a 7-figure digital ad buy closer to Election Day so as to reinvigorate voters towards the Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden.

This new push is to turn to minority voters in the US who are seen as the crucial element for a Democratic win this November.

The huge figure ad buy plan also indicates Democrats’ confidence in turning Texas blue in the upcoming elections.

Besides the ad buy plan which will come to pass around November, there are some other plans at work as well.

The Democratic Party is doubling down on its commitment to get the registered 2 million Texans to vote in November. Abhi Rahman, director of strategic communications for the Texas Democratic Party said in an interview, “Our basic theory is that the more voters that we register, the more likely the state is to turn blue. We feel like for every Republican voter that’s unregistered, there’s three or four Democrats that are unregistered.”