U2 Is Coming After Four Years


The Irish Rock band which formed in 1976, has been performing since then. Given the pandemic situation, they couldn’t perform, however during the fourth quarter of the super bowl, they announced they are coming back. What could be a better occasion than announcing the comeback? The stadium was deafening with cheers and applause. Rihanna performed, and that day was like a bevy of good news. Rihanna performed after 7 years, and U2 came back after 4 years, marking the Super Bowl as the hub of manifestation. They would probably launch a new venue with their come back.

U2 Would Be Incomplete

The U2 is growing old along with their members, and at the super bowl, they released a commercial U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At The Sphere. The motive behind launching this mind-blowing commercial was to let fans know, they would be performing live soon. And not only that they are also launching a brand new venue in las vegas. At the Venetian resort this year in october.2023 is the year of U2.

U2 would be incomplete without their drummer Larry Mullen Jr.As he is taking the time off for surgery and recovery. Thus new drummer would be joining the band, Bram van Den berg. He will play side by side with frontman Bono, guitarist The Edge, and bassist Adam Clayton live on stage. It is hard for U2 and also for the fans to not have Larry onstage with them.

Regardless of the circumstances, the U2 cannot wait to see those excited faces at the arena. They couldn’t play since 2019, and they are equally excited to perform. And the excitement for the new stage they are building for their fans is a big surprise. The stage is building the middle of the desert, and the venue will be a gallery. Their works will be hanging all over the walls, and whenever someone enters the room, a storm of nostalgia will be smacking their face.

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