Nicola Coughlan Says People Commenting On Her Body Unacceptable: Penelope Of Bridgerton Asks People To Refrain

Nicola Coughlan

Nicola Coughlan, the Penelope of Bridgerton, had politely asked people to refrain from commenting on her body and keep their opinions to themselves. The actor spat it out on her Instagram post and spoke about the unwanted attention on her looks and body she regularly receives online.

In the post, Nicola Coughlan wrote about the experience of receiving unsolicited opinions and politely sent a rejoinder that if someone has an opinion on her body, they should keep it to themselves.

Bridgerton’s Penelope added that while most people were being nice and were far from offensive, she was a real human, and it was hard having to take in so many opinions on her looks directly.

Nicola Coughlan said that people had a right to opinions as she was on television but begged them not to send them directly to her. While most of the messages are by people just being nice, Nicola Coughlan said that she is just a real human and deserves more than getting inundated with people commenting about her appearance.

Nicola Coughlan Said That Talking About A Person’s Weight Instead Of Their Work Was Unfair

Nicola Coughlan added an emoji depicting a red heart to her message while requesting her fans not to share their opinion on her physical appearance. She had earlier also requested people refrain from commenting about her appearance. She had been on Twitter on March 21 requesting people to stop asking people their weight during interviews.

She had added that she felt intensely uncomfortable each time she was asked about her weight, and it prevented her from talking about her job, the one thing she so loved.

Nicola Coughlan started with Derry Girls as Clare Devlin. Ever since she has been at the receiving end of criticism and comments about her body. She had written an article in The Guardian where she exhorted people to talk about her work and not her body in Derry Girls and other stage performances.

She had called out one particular review where comments were made about her stage. Nicola Coughlan had said that she hoped that people would talk more about her work, her drive, and her inspirations and not on her looks.

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