Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones Agrees with Terry McAuliffe’s Controversial Statement

Nikole Hannah-Jones
Nikole Hannah-Jones

Nikole Hannah-Jones, a reporter for the NY Times, agreed with the former governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe’s, contentious statement regarding the role of parents in children’s education.

Nikole Hannah-Jones Supports The Controversial Statement

On Sunday, a show on NBC discussed racism, schools, and America Nikole’s ‘1619 Project’ was the main subject of discussion. The renowned race theory and the 1619 Project have been heavily contested as they seem to influence the school curriculum.

On the show, Nikole Hannah-Jones admitted that even though the 1619 Project was a journalistic work, it can be an excellent device to educate children.

She was also quick to address the criticisms. Jones stated that the 1619 Project became controversial only because the people chose to make it so. The host of the show Chuck Todd discussed the dispute and contention revolving around CRT. The CTR has impelled lawmakers to enforce certain laws. These laws prohibit racial ideas and their teaching at schools.

This controversy also became the core emphasis of the gubernatorial election in Virginia. Parents had become conscious about the curriculum which was being taught in schools. Nikole held that it should not be the concern of parents and lawmakers to decide the school curriculum. She further added that children are sent to school to be educated by individuals who have knowledge and experience in that field.

Jones argued that deciding the curriculum should be left to professional educators. Her statements are similar in spirit to that of democratic gubernatorial Virginia election contender, Terry McAuliffe. During his election rally, he had expressed his opinion that guardians should not have an opinion in the school syllabus.