Alex Jones Found Guilty In All 4 Defamation Cases Filed By Sandy Hook Families: Had Alleged Shootings Staged

alex jones

Alex Jones was found guilty in each of the 4 defamation cases that were filed by the Sandy Hook victims’ families. The guilty-by-default ruling was issued by a Connecticut judge in a defamation lawsuit that was brought against Tom Jones, the founder of the InfoWars conspiracy theory.

Alex Jones failed to support his obviously false claims that the mass shootings in 2012 were a deception. The court ruling means that all 4 lawsuits initiated by the relatives of the 10 victims in Connecticut and Texas won multiple defamation cases against the founder of InfoWars.

20 students and 6 adults died in the Newtown, Connecticut shooting. Alex Jones has for years maintained that the firing was a staged incident, and was a conspiracy hatched by the administration to bring in stringent gun laws.

Alex Jones Has Consistently Maintained That The Incidents Were Fake

Alex claimed both on his website and his radio program that the tragedy was totally fake, a ‘false flag’, and staged by actors. He called the event a ‘giant hoax’ and ‘synthetic’ and said it was staged by Second Amendment opponents and the mainstream media.

Judge Barbara Bellis of the Superior Court of Connecticut ruled on Monday that lawyers representing Alex Jones had shown a callous disregard of obligations to submit web analytics and financial data to the court. The court had no option but to default his for this conduct.

Chris Mattei, representing the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre, said that Alex Jones was used to shooting off his mouth from the security of his studio, but when it came to complying with a court order to defend his conduct, his game was exposed.

Three isolated defamation suits were brought against Alex Jones in Texas, home of InfoWars.

The default judgment ruling against Alex Jones found him plus his outfit liable for their repeated failure to produce documents that related to their allegations of discovery.