Liz Cheney Uses Podium To Continue To Thrash Trump And His Supporters

Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney, the Wyoming Representative proved the fact that she has no such plans of succumbing to the pressure of the colleagues of her party. She proved that she will continue to speak about the danger that Donald Trump, the former President, poses for the democracy of the country. And the biggest reason for this is because the danger is not over. 

The Representative from the Republican party gave a speech concerning the matter this Tuesday. She did not hesitate in shaming the members of the Republican party who will be taking the step of bringing her down by voting. Following that, Liz Cheney will no longer be elected to the post of No. 3 of the House GOP. However, the Wyoming lawmaker proved that she has enough guts to side with the truth and act against the malevolent power that not everyone in her party has.

Liz Cheney Vs The Rest 

The said Representative gave the speech in a nearly empty room. Several members of her party stated that it was better to not waste time on the same things. They wanted to move on from the insurrection of former President Trump. However, the Wyoming Republican was quite blunt in claiming the fact that neither the party nor the country has forgotten what was done by the former President. And the main reason out of all was that the mess created by him was only growing with time. 

Liz Cheney, through her speech, explained that Donald Trump had been successful in getting the people convinced that the 2020 Presidential elections came with a lot of irregularities. That he was finally successful in convincing people with his theory that the election was rigged. Liz Cheney further stated that this was a real threat for the United States of America and its citizens. 

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