Obama Slams Walker In Georgia Saying He Is Just A Celebrity Trying To Be A Politic’s Who’s Who

Barrack Obama

While giving a speech last Friday in the state of Georgia, former president Obama praised Senate Majority nominee Herschel Walker as “among the most greatest DBs of all time,” however, Obama called Walker “a superstar that desires to be a political figure” and Obama also claimed that he is unqualified to serve as a senate candidate for the U.S.

The former president attacked Walker step for step, referring to him as “somebody who carries a fictitious badge around and says Walker is already in enforcement agencies like a child playing police and muggers,” criticizing his “problems of character” as well as “knack of not hiding the truth.” He added saying that because of his loyalty to the ex president Mr. Donald Trump, Walker “also isn’t heading to be pondering regarding what the voters want.”

The statement former Democrat president’s first comprehensive appearance on the campaigning road in 2022—framed the elections as a decision between the leaders who adhere to our commitment, who recognize you and cares for you and officials who seem eager to do everything to win in power.”

Obama Slammed Walker In A Speech Ahead Of The Midterms Of Georgia:

Obama said that almost every republican politicians are obsessed over a couple of things. Those being controlling the libs and getting their approvals from the former president, Donald Trump.

Obama in his speech also said that they are driven only by these two agenda. According to Obama, it is not very long or complicated, and also not inspiring for him too. He said that they are not very interested or does not look promising in solving the problems, but they want to make the people angry until they find a scapegoat to kill.