Shannen Doherty Speaks On Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer

shannen doherty
shannen doherty

Shannen Doherty has been making an example of herself to bust misconceptions regarding cancer that is stage 4. She has been living while working as well all this time after the fatal diagnosis.

Shannen Doherty Is An Unique Inspiration

Shannen Doherty, who is now 50, was diagnosed first in 2015 as having breast cancer. The actress who is known for her part in “Beverly Hills, 90210” announced in 2017 that the cancer was in remission. However, in the previous year, she announced that her breast cancer had progressed to stage 4. However, the actress did not tell anyone about it when the filming of the reboot of 90210 was ongoing.

More recently, she had appeared on Nightline on ABC where she had talked about her attitude towards life even after the cancer diagnosis. She repeated her perspective that the fatal diagnosis did not affect her pace as an actress. This month, two movies regarding Lifetime are going to debut: “List of a Lifetime” and “Dying to Belong”.

Shannen Doherty was talking to Juju Chang of ABC when she said that work has always been an extremely fulfilling part of her life. However, after the diagnosis, she felt even more fulfilled.

Shannen explained that the majority of people receiving the stage 4 diagnosis sort of get written off. The world assumes that these people have lost their ability to work or at least they cannot work as they used to. Shannen said that she would prefer people to drop that assumption. She made an example of herself that some of them can still work just as well.

Stage 4 breast cancer or any kind of cancer is considered to be incurable. However, advancements in treatment are allowing people to increase their life expectancy as well as the symptoms.

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