August Pfluger, The Representative On The Migrant Situation

August Pfluger
August Pfluger

August Pfluger, the Representative from the state of Texas, gave a statement on the surge in the number of migrants in the state of Texas. The statement came on the 18th of September that fell on Saturday. He had recently paid a visit to the city of Del Rio that is situated in Texas. He claimed that the majority of migrants were Haitians. And that they were living in extremely poor conditions. August Pfluger further stated that the number of Haitians was about to reach 15,000. 

August Pfluger’s Warning

The Representative belonging to the Republican Party claimed that there was no way that the migrant situation was getting better in the region. He stated that he had a conversation with the angst of Border Patrol who gave an indication of what the future holds for the crisis. They told the Texas-based Representative, August Pfluger, that this was not the worst situation. There were still so many areas to be taken care of in the future. That includes what is approaching and most importantly, the relationship that lies with Mexico.   

The concerned officials have claimed that the situation in the area as of now is “out of control.” The number of migrants went up from 400 on the 15th of September to 14,878 on the 18 of September. This information was given by the Republican Representative, August Pfluger. As of now, the migrants have taken shelter under a bridge in order to protect themselves from the temperature that goes up to 100 degrees.

They are eagerly waiting for their turn to get processed by the Border Patrol officials. The Customs and Border Protection of the United States of America have taken a few steps to handle the migrant situation. They have shut down a number of border checkpoints in order to avoid any entry of illegal migrants.      

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