Josh Mandel Belongs To A Line Of Refugees

Josh Mandel
Josh Mandel

It has been stated that Josh Mandel, who previously expressed his strong disapproval over the matter of refugees in the United States of America, belongs to the line of refugees himself. He is a candidate for the US Senate from the state of Ohio. The politician belongs to the Republican Party. He had stated that he was totally an anti-refugee politician. 

Josh Mandel’s Statement

As per reports, the ancestors of Josh Mandel, the Republican, belonged to a group of refugees who came to the United States of America from Europe. They came and then began residing in the area of the city of Cleveland. They were situated with the help of two organizations of resettlement that worked during the preceding years after the second world war.

Josh Mandel, who is running for the third time for a seat in the US Senate, has been a constant target of criticism following the statement that he gave on his disapproval of Afghans’ entry into the country. After the withdrawal of the American military forces from Afghanistan, so many citizens of Afghanistan have been displaced. Countries all over the world evacuated thousands and thousands of people from the disputed region.  

Josh Mandel, through the social media platform, Twitter, had claimed that the refugees were “alligators.” He made the suggestion that most of them would turn out to become terrorists. He further carried on with the theory that the Afghan refugee would bring so much negativity into the country including child brides and coronavirus.

The Ohio-based politicians stated that none of the refugees are to be allowed entry into the country. This statement comes after the declaration of the administration of President Joe Biden, stating that they would be resettling almost 60,000 refugees from Afghanistan into the country.