Pam And Tommy Trailer Creates Huge Buzz

Pam And Tommy
Pam And Tommy

Pam And Tommy trailer has just been dropped. It was one of the most anticipated trailers of recent times. Fans and followers have waited for a long time to feast their eyes on the trailer. Finally, when the trailer is here, it did not disappoint. The teaser trailer has created a whole lot of interest among fans worldwide. The trailer hints at the character transformation of Sebastian Stan & Lily James. The crowd loved the way the transformation has been portrayed. The characters of Sebastian and Lily are played by Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson respectively. Anderson is famous for her nineties’ hit series “Baywatch”. 

The trailer has an overall funny outlook to it. However, it does emphasize sending a sharp message to the fans. The show is ably produced by Seth Rogen. Interestingly, Rogen is also one of the casts besides James & Stan. The buzz has only spiked up after the trailer release. Let us have an elaborated analysis of the trailer below. 

Pam And Tommy Trailer Mesmerizes Fans 

The trailer opens in a humorous tone. It shows Rogen’s character excited about finding a secret tape. He quickly shows the same to Nick Offerman when intriguing music surrounds the scene. Both the characters felt happy about getting hold of the videotape. However, they pretended to act as if they should not be viewing the tape. They even termed the contents of the tape to be private. 

Pam And Tommy will consist of eight episodes and will revolve around the two central characters. The characters taped during their honeymoon. Somehow the videos get leaked and what follows is utter chaos. The duo becomes a hot topic and their scandal is up for sale. Tabloids & Magazines pounces on the story adding to their harassment further. Pam and Tommy can be streamed on Hulu from 2nd February 2022.