Steve Bannon Files For Not Guilty To Charges Of Contempt Ahead Of Court Appearance

steve bannon
steve bannon

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s chief strategist and one of the main plotters behind the January 6 insurrection, has filed a not-guilty plea ahead of a court appearance on charges of contempt. He had defied a subpoena issued by the Committee appointed to investigate the deadly US Capitol attack on January 6 to reinstate Donald Trump.

The right-wing rabble-rouser and a spearhead in Trump’s campaign relinquished the right to have the formal indictment read out to Steve Bannon. Contempt can invite up to one year in jail along with a fine not exceeding $100,000. No one was charged after 1983.

Steve is faced with one count of contempt for his refusal to be present at a deposition in front of the Committee. The second is for declining to hand over relevant documents in his possession.

Steve Bannon and other aides of the former President have sought executive privilege. Steve Bannon has claimed that all communication with Trump that was related to the January 6 attack comes under the constitutional dictum.

Steve Bannon Unlikely To Enjoy Executive Privilege

The Biden administration has in most cases declined to seek privilege in these cases. Steve wasn’t working for the Ex-President when the attack took place on Capitol Hill. The Chief of Staff at the White House during the riots, Mark Meadows, has also chosen to ignore the summons issued by the Committee.

The Capitol Hill attack was preceded by a rally close to the White House where Trump had instigated the rioters to fight. He was fighting to have his defeat overturned by force as he continued to maintain that the results were an outcome of massive electoral fraud.

5 people, among them an officer, were killed in the riots. Over 140 police officers suffered injuries, many of them grievous. 4 officers later committed suicide.

Trump faced a second impeachment, this time for instigating riots, a first for any American President. His acquittal was ensured as only 7 GOP senators declared Trump guilty.