Panthers Close In On New Trade


Panthers are one of the most famous teams in the NFL. They have a rich heritage and legacy which they look to carry on with. The team has had many memorable outings in the tournament. However, they are looking for a new start. The transfer windows have opened. 

Every team is looking forward to consolidating their team with rejuvenated enforcements. Officials of every team are working hard to analyze and choose the best possible recruits. The same is the scenario with the Panthers. The current season hasn’t lived up to their expectations. Thus, the management has decided to bring in some faces. 

The introduction of quality players will surely help to bolster the team. The Carolina Panthers have their origin from Charlotte, North Carolina. According to recent news, the Carolina-based team is interested in Deshaun Watson in exchange for Christian McCaffrey. They are very much eager to proceed with the deal. The officials at Carolina believe Watson would perfectly fit into their requirements. Let us learn in detail about the trade below. 

Panthers Eager To Seal The Watson Deal 

The fans and the audiences have been surprised quite a lot. The news of Panthers showing interest in Watson was unexpected. However, recent developments directed their need to sign a quality athlete in their ranks. The team’s preliminary target was Deshaun Watson. 

Watson currently dons the jersey of Houston Texans. The Carolina-based team has shown significant interest in the athlete. He has been a champion performer for the Texans. Carolina is working hard to close the deal on the athlete before Tuesday. Tuesday is the final deadline for the trade window in the NFL. 

However, the reply from the Texans has not been satisfactory. Panthers and Texans will have several rounds of discussion. As of now, the situation appears to be a dead rubber.