Paris Hilton Says It Is Her Most Rewarding Year As Her Honeymoon With Carter Reum Continues

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton remains on her honeymoon with Carter Reum, her husband as they spend their 1st Thanksgiving as a couple. Their honeymoon festivities in Bora Bora in French Polynesia continue, as she posted several pictures depicting her on a massive boat.

Paris Hilton has said that this has been her most fulfilling year as she was seen swathed in a stunning rainbow butterfly flag. She shared the pictures along with the poignant post about Hilton’s eventful year. she added a teaser for her subsequent chapter which she said would be the best ever.

Pairs Hilton wished her fans a happy Thanksgiving. She talked about this year and said that she would never overlook all that she had learned, the opportunities and challenges for growth that she faced and she remained grateful for everything that have come her way, both good and bad.

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum were married in LA on November 11. She wrote that though she had matured a lot, she was still evolving. She said that she had become a wife this month, and she was thankful to her husband, and also her family and friends who stood by her during her wedding period and were extremely supportive.

Paris Hilton spoke of a lot that she looked forward to immediately into the future. She said that the next chapter in her life would be the best for her as a businesswoman, a wife, and an advocate. She said that she is excited with all that she has created with 11:11 Media, her new media venture, and various other ventures that she is pursuing.

Paris Hilton Effusive In Her Love And Gratitude Towards Her Fans

Paris Hilton was effusive in her gratitude and love and expressed gratitude to her fans for the outburst of affection and support that they have shown. She said that they meant much to her. She reiterated her love for them and advised them to continue dreaming and radiating the light. The world is dearly in need of the love they all had to offer, she said.

She gave her fans a glimpse of her stay at the hotel where she is enjoying her honeymoon. She showed her husband and the decorated room and view. Paris Hilton and Carter Reum began courting in 2019, finally getting engaged this February. She says that she finally had the fairy tale wedding she had been dreaming of all her life.