Patti Labelle’s Concert Was Stopped Midway

Patti labelle

Patti Labelle’s Milwaukee concert was stopped midway after a bomb threat authorities made an announcement. Everything happen in a blink of an eye, and the sudden evacuation startled people. Many were in shock and couldn’t process the whole thing within a short period of time.

Patti Labelle Was Ambushed By The Bomb Experts

The godmother of soul aka Patti Labelle is still processing the whole scenario. The 78 years old barely sang two songs, and suddenly she was rescued backstage. Patti Labelle was performing in  Milwaukee at Riverside Theatre. The whole Christmas mood was in the air and suddenly the spotlight went dim and Patti Labelle was immediately rescued before anything happened. The police and bomb experts quickly evacuated the whole arena within a few minutes. Letting each audience out safely. 2500 people were evacuated safely.

Everyone was scared to death an audience shared. Scott Piecer was also present at the theatre when an unfortunate event occurred, later he said everyone exited the theatre calmly and safely, however this is an unacceptable situation and he despises someone who tried to bring harm to so many innocent people and to such an honorable singer. The police and authority quickly tapped the scene with yellow tape saying an audience.

Later it was disclosed that nothing explosive was found or anything that could have harmed anyone, however, the investigations are still going on to figure out what actually happened. Patti Labelle might be still processing the whole thing and yet to make a statement. Fans feel she must have been scared to death after everything.

The authority and the management have declared they would like to set other dates for her show with proper safety protocol and bomb squad.