Pattie Boyd: From The Archive

Pattie Boyd

The 60s sensational Pattie Boyd, the model, and photographer releasing her own book next month. It’s been a decade of her being in the fashion industry. She is an English model and an excellent photographer, she has talked about her life in the upcoming book.

Pattie Boyd The Muse

The stunning Model of the 60s Pattie Boyd was the center of attraction in the industry. Everyone wanted to be around her, her aura radiated beauty. Her style and her ways of talking to people attracted many, but few stayed and broke million hearts. Pattie has always been a hot topic.

Pattie Boyd’s career started in London in 1962, she was working at a hair salon where she was shampooing a girl’s hair. An agent approached her with the offer which she was unable to refuse. Post that offers her career took off, she started doing advertisements for companies and television.

Pattie talked about how she met the Beatles and she turned down George Harrison’s marriage proposal at first and invited him to have dinner with her and her then-boyfriend. Which the guitarist didn’t even imagine in his worst nightmare. However, George manifested her back in his life, the third time they met she had no boyfriend. And they got married secretly in 1966, Pattie was bound to keep their wedding a secret.

She shares the details in her book and every emotion that went through her body, how excited she was to let her friends know about the biggest decision of her life but couldn’t, only her mom knew about the wedding. Their marriage stayed for 10 years then parted ways. After the show, many girl fans chased pattie down the street out of hatred.

Pattie doesn’t consider herself a muse in any way she feels a muse is someone who has been made by an artist and she was self-made. She has witnessed how the ‘muse’ has been treated and how they died. She considers herself lucky that she survived. And the minute details will be on the book release on 20th December 2022.