George Clinton Is The Secret Behind Gopher

george clinton

George Clinton,  Parliament Funkadelic legendary singer, is 81 years old and shares a big secret. He was Gopher, in The Masked Singer. On Wednesday, he popped up at the show and unmasked himself and the crowd went crazy.

George Clinton Was The Perfect Match For Gopher

George Clinton revealed that his character perfectly fits with Gopher. Not only that he enjoyed dressing up as Gopher. He goes on further share how much loves the show, and the vibe he gets there. The audience was exactly his type, and they should be in P-Funk. George Clinton labels himself as a kid in a toy store who enjoys everything around him. Dionne Warwick and T-Pain made Geroge Clinton interested to be in the show.

He seems to have quite enjoyed incognito mode, keeping the suspense and then making the crowd goes wild, exactly how and what he has in his mind for years. Wearing the gopher costume was pretty hectic for him, it hot and he was sweating but worth every bit of it. Supposedly the gopher costume reminded him of Bootsy, and observing him since he was a kid, he perfectly portrayed that. It was easy for George to disguise himself in that costume.

George Clinton performed ‘it’s your thing’ by The Isley Brothers and Martin Lawrence and George Wallace to Flavor Flav and Lil Nas. George felt nice after playing those saying ‘nice combination’ as he has known them for years. He further elaborates on how funk is in the DNA of hip-hop. Funk has a worldwide fanbase, and this makes him very proud. He is opening his own art gallery in LA, and most of his art will be focused on the music, costume, and everything he has learned in his musical career for ages.

George Clinton is currently working on an album with many famous producers and songwriters, along with the band, who didn’t disclose their names. Further being asked he said he is open to new experiences that come his way and is not willing to give up on adventure.