Meghan King Is Dating Again After Divorce From Cuffe Owens

Meghan King

Less than 2 months after her divorce from Cuffe Owens last year, Meghan King has revealed that she is dating again. She was on a podcast, Two T’s In A Pod with Tamra Judge, her cast-mate on Tuesday. The Real Housewives Of Orange County star revealed that she is strongly trying to move ahead. The 37-year-old termed the short marriage as ‘stupid.’

Meghan King revealed that she had started going out on dates. She referred to her marriage, which was tumultuous and ended in 3 months. She admitted that it had been stupid of her to marry Owens.

Meghan King had got hitched last October to Owens within weeks of making their relationship official through Instagram posts. But the marriage ended shockingly in December. She admitted that it left her saddened and shocked, the way it all turned out in the end.

Meghan King Was Left Saddened By The Split

King said that she was asked by individuals and outlets to speak up about her marriage. But she said that the circumstances were profoundly devastating. It was not the way she expected things to turn out, and it left her saddened and shocked.

Meghan King said that all she could ask for was everyone’s gentle kindness and grace as she makes her way through the maze of misery with the support of her family.

The couple has never disclosed the reason behind the split. It appears that some issues put stress on the relationship. The 43-year-old Owens had also admitted to a friend that he was unable to cope with her calling as a popular influencer.

While Owens was an intensely private person, he did not fully understand the undercurrents of marrying King, who was constantly in the limelight.

Meghan King was married to Brad McDill, a lawyer, from 2007 to 2011. She also married Jim Edmonds, MLB player, and shares 3 children with him.

Meghan King was open about her life and reveled in sharing it over social media. Owens was accepting, to begin with, but they realized that was not the way he could continue to live. Meghan King says that she has learned her lesson from the episode and is ready to put it behind.