The Trump administration is refusing to fully reinstate DACA

On Tuesday, representatives from the White House confirmed that they intend to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program yet again. The DACA program gives protection to young immigrant children who are brought to America by their parents. 

Donald Trump tried to end the program earlier as well. But on 18th June, the Supreme Court ruled against it. 

Currently, the DACA program has given protection to around 700,000 immigrants to work and live freely in the country. Individuals protected under this program are called “DREAMers.” 

The Trump administration has left the program ambiguous as they did not reveal whether they would take new people under the program. 

Homeland Security official Chad Wolf said that the White House is thinking of ending the program after multiple reviews. He also said that until that happens, they are imposing some restrictions on applications. 

He said, “I have concluded that fully rescinding the policy would be a significant administration decision that warrants additional careful consideration.”

White House officials said that they are going to review the program and see if it is legal. The program was first introduced in 2012 by former President Barack Obama. 

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