Pete Buttigieg On The Parental Leave Issue

Pete Buttigieg
Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of transportation of the United States of America, gave a statement with regard to the issue of his parental leave. The statement was a reply to those politicians of the Republican Party who had criticized him. They attacked him for taking some time off after the birth of his two children. 

Pete Buttigieg’s Statement

The Democratic politician, Pete Buttigieg, was criticized by the Republicans who stated that he was quite lucky to be able to take parental leave. They further added that the administration of the President, Joe Biden, was trying to make every effort to introduce a system of parental leave that would be followed throughout the country. Pete Buttigieg gave his reply addressing the plans and prospects of the administration of the Democratic President of the country. The event took place in an interview that was held on the 15th of October that took place on Friday.   

The 39-year-old Indiana-based politician stated that the system that was introduced in the Biden administration was a very favorable one when it came to families. And he then expressed how fortunate he was to be a part of it and to be able to receive its facilities. And to be able to be there for his family.

Pete Buttigieg concluded his statement by claiming that taking care of children, however, was not something very different from work. That too is a full-time job. The news about the Democratic politician taking leave was not announced by the department of transportation. It took place from the month of August. However, he himself confirmed it via the social media platform, Twitter last week. He stated that he was joining his department after taking parental leave.