Is The Climate Policy Program Out Of the Spending Plan?

Joe Manchin
Joe Manchin

Multiple news sources have provided crucial information with regard to the subject of climate policy in the United States of America. It has been stated that the policy will not be included in the spending plan of the administration of Joe Biden, the President of the country. And the biggest reason behind this is Joe Manchin, the senator. Due to opposition from the Democratic senator, the climate policy will have to be dropped.

Climate Policy Debates

It is to be noted that the said climate policy is one of the main programs of the Democratic Party in order to positively contribute towards the issue of climate change. And this news came on the 15th of October that fell on a Friday. The sources confirmed that they derived the news from the members of the US Congress. The program that is concerned with environmental policy is known as the program of clean electricity payment. Through the program, the administration was trying to introduce a system where incentives would be provided for using clean sources of energy.

As per the measure, the administration was aiming to reduce the emissions that would emerge from the electricity of the United States of America. And the percentage of reduction that was aimed was 80%. This measure was to be achieved by the year 2030. This measure is told to be the most crucial effort in order to achieve the aims of climate policy. And according to the views of Joe Manchin, the Democratic senator, there is no need to provide incentives to the companies. And this is because most of the private companies are already making a shift towards clean energy.