PFE (Pfizer Inc.) Is Anticipated To Announce 13.42 Billion Dollars In Quarterly Sales

pfizer pfe
pfizer pfe

NYSE: PFE or Pfizer Inc., as per brokerages, is expected to publish a sales report of 13.42 billion for this fiscal quarter. 

About four analysts gave in their estimates for the company’s earnings. 14.33 billion dollars is the highest sales estimate. The lowest prediction is 12.20 billion dollars. Last year, for this very quarter, Pfizer had posted 12.03 billion dollars of sales. This indicates a positive growth for the firm— from a year over the other. The company’s growth rate ranges at 11.6%. 

On 27th April, NYSE: PFE will publish their sales report of quarterly earnings. 

Research Firms Weigh In On PFE

Several analysts are expecting Pfizer to post yearly sales of 59.83 billion dollars. The estimates go up to 63.10 billion dollars. The minimal estimate is 56.30 billion dollars. Other analysts have also weighed in for this fiscal year. Some of them have an estimated 45.66 billion dollars, which is the lowest, while others have 56.93 billion dollars, which is the highest estimate. The average provided here is 50.85 billion dollars. 

On 2nd February, NYSE: PFE announced their earnings. On Tuesday, they reported an EPS of 0.42 dollars for this quarter. This was shy of an estimate by Thomas Reuters of 0.46 dollars. For the same quarter, the firm had 11.68 billion dollars of revenue. This topped other expectations of 11.32 billion dollars. 

The quarter’s revenue by the biopharmaceutical firm was 11.8% up on the basis of year-over-year. The net margin for NYSE: PFE was 17.85%. The firm also reported an equity return of 24.88%. 

On Monday, Pfizer opened at the market with 34.94 dollars. PFE’s market capital stands at 194.88 billion dollars. The moving average for 50-day of the company is 34.89 dollars. While the same average for 200-day stands at 36.71 dollars.

67.36% of the firm’s stock is owned by institutional investors.