Trevor Bauer Accused Of Assault: Dates Back To Earlier This Year

Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer

Police are looking into allegations of assault leveled against Trevor Bauer. The attorney for the woman who leveled this allegation said that they have obtained protection. The Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher is also under investigation from Major League Baseball concerning the same issue.

The Los Angeles Dodgers said in a statement that the team was alert to the charges against Bauer and have contacted Major League Baseball immediately. They will be looking into the matter, the Dodgers statement added.

A protection order under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act was obtained for an assault by Trevor Bauer. The woman allegedly assaulted was said to suffer severe emotional and physical pain as a result. This was reported by Marc Garelick, her attorney.

Lt. Bill Grisage, police spokesman, Pasadena, has confirmed that their department is investigating an allegation of assault that involves Trevor Bauer. But they have released no other details.

The incident was first reported by TMZ which said that the star pitcher lives in Pasadena at present.

Trevor Bauer’s Agent Disputes Allegations

Trevor Bauer’s co-agent, Jon Fetterolf, has contested the allegations and said that there has been no non-consensual incident. He clarified that Bauer and the woman met in April and there had been a short period of sexual relationship that was wholly consensual and was started by the accuser.

He said that her filing protection had no basis and was fraudulent. He further said that key facts and relevant communication about the relationship had been withheld. He alleged that the woman had instead demanded ‘rough’ sexual acts and had demanded to be slapped and ‘choked out’.

Fetterolf even said that the woman had friendly communications after the encounter with Bauer. There had been no communication between the woman and Trevor Bauer for the past 6 weeks, Fetterolf said.

Trevor Bauer had joined the Dodgers this year on a 3-year contract worth $102 million. He won the Cy Young when he was with the Cincinnati Reds in 2020, his first.