Phoenix PD To Be Investigated By The Justice Department

Phoenix PD
Phoenix PD

The Phoenix PD is soon to be investigated by the department of justice. The main subject of the investigation will be the attitude and behavior of the police departments towards those who are homeless. The investigation is restricted to the city of Phoenix in the state of Arizona. It is to be carried out by the division of civil rights. The news was announced by Merrick Garland, the Attorney General, on the 5th of August that fell on a Thursday.

Phoenix PD Vs The Homeless People

Kristen Clarke, the one who heads the Department of Justice, gave a statement on the issue. It was given at one of the news conferences. Clarke gave a lengthy statement on what led to the decision on carrying out the investigation. It was stated that the officials have enough evidence against the Phoenix PD to carry out the investigation.

They include reports given by the media, curt files, and several complaints made by the ordinary citizens of the town. The head also stated that these were not the only factors that were taken into consideration before deciding to investigate the Phoenix PD. The authorities also took into account regular factors that are considered before carrying out any investigation. And that includes the total number of complaints made against them, the seriousness of the case, and the steps that are taken by the department in order to address the situation. 

She concluded by stating that all the evidence that was gathered, indicated the fact that an investigation into the case of the Phoenix PD was imperative. However, she guaranteed that the officials would approach the case without being opinionated and in the absence of any such “pre-drawn conclusions.” Kate Gallego, the Mayor of Phoenix, expressed her compliance with the decision of the justice department. She stated that she was open to any kind of investigation as “comprehensive reform” in policing has always been her priority.