Barack Obama Cancels Birthday Celebration

Obama Presidential Center
Obama Presidential Center

Barack Obama has decided to cancel all plans for his upcoming birthday. He was supposed to be having a big fat birthday celebration. However, with the number of covid cases on the rise, he decided against it. 

Barack Obama Turns 60

The former President of the US will turn 60 soon. He had planned a grand reception for the occasion. The event was scheduled to take place at Martha’s Vineyards. This grand celebration was being planned for a long time. Obama planned this taking into consideration all the covid related guidelines as well. 

However, things started to deteriorate. America is currently experiencing a wave of covid cases. Cases are being reported every day. The rate of infection has spiked up alarmingly. This has led Obama to strip off the grand celebration. 

Hannah Hankins is the spokesperson of Barack. Hankins stated that the party is has been now limited to only close friends and family. No mass gathering will be allowed following the covid scare. However, Obama appreciates receiving gifts online. He also promised to pay a visit to all his dear ones soon. 

This announcement was made on Wednesday. Many people were eager to show up at the party. A total of 475 we’re scheduled to be invited to the party. Former co-workers of Obama, Various officials, and Democrats were invited. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney & Steven Speilberg were expected to be present for the event. 

Barack Obama was heavily criticized for organizing such an event. Republican administrators stated that this was unwanted. Keeping in mind the alarming situation of covid, such parties were a symbol of irresponsibility. They also stated that if Trump did such a thing, the Democrats would have blasted him. Barack Obama did not reveal the exact number of invitees for his event.