Phoenix Suns Employees Are Participating In The Investigation Into Owner Robert Sarver

Phoenix Suns

Former Phoenix Suns employees who had signed NDAs have begun to schedule and participate in interviews with the lawyers, who are leading the NBA’s investigation into the team.

The last week had seen several lawyers inform the former employees that they would be released from the agreements in order to speak freely for the investigation. The people who had signed the nondisclosure agreements will not be completely released moving forward and are being released only for the purpose of participating in the investigations.

Phoenix Suns Case: The People With NDA Are Meeting With The Lawyers

Some who signed NDAs have already met with the lawyers while others have interviews scheduled in the days ahead, employees said.

The NBA launched its investigation, using the law firm Wachtell Lipton, in early November after ESPN published a report that included allegations of racism and misogyny in a sometimes hostile and toxic workplace during majority owner Robert Sarver’s 17-year tenure.

The lawyers who were leading the Phoenix Suns investigation had met with the current employees this week at an off-site location. Some of those interviews had lasted for more than an hour.

Before the interviews, the current and former employees of Phoenix Suns told ESPN that they had prepared extensive notes about the allegations they wanted to share, which included the dates of incidents and names of witnesses to specific accounts. 

Some provided lists of current and former employees, along with their contact information, who could corroborate certain allegations.

In the interviews, the lawyers stated that confidentiality and anonymity will be granted if the employee requests it.

In addition to general biographical information, the lawyers have primarily focused their questioning on racially inappropriate or misogynistic behavior from Sarver, as stated by the Phoenix Suns current and former employees.


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