Playing MLB games during coronavirus pandemic leaves us with an uneasy feeling

As you turn on the TV to watch the MLB season, everything seems alright, doesn’t it? Chris Bassitt warming up to give it a go against LA Angels, the game on a bright sunny day in Oklahoma. After that, you have Mike Trout who would come and hit second for the Los Angeles team. The background is pleasant- reassuring that everything is fine.

But is it?

The opening week of MLB 2020 has been quite exciting. With no team winning 3-0 and every single team winning at least one game in the match, one can hope that this season will be extremely competitive with no team giving each other an inch. But then you wake up the next morning to find out more staff and players have contracted the virus- leaving a major question mark as to whether this season will be played out at all?

All it took was three days from an exciting opening day of Baseball to one game infecting several players, and the other two games to be postponed due to the pandemic. This here is a sign that however much we try to pretend that things are fine- they aren’t.

“My level of concern went from about an eight to a 12,” emotional Nationals manager Dave Martinez said before his team’s game.