Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season-Premiere

Power Book

A major plot point of the previous Power Book season involved anticipating Detective Howard’s first words after regaining consciousness.

Even though he is conscious again, he does not feel comfortable discussing the incident with the attending medical staff or his fellow police. The detective claims that the victim has no recollection of the events of the night he got shot. His physician agrees that this is the case. Detective Howard in Power Book has been declared cancer-free, but his partner Burke has doubts about the doctor’s abilities. Bone marrow from a fellow officer put Howard into remission and saved his lungs.

His only son/attempted murderer was visiting relatives in Virginia while Howard was recovering. Raquel, overjoyed to be reconnected with her son, drove south on I-95 to pick up Kanan.

Power Book III: Story In New York

Jess and Lou-Lou are having a falling out in New York City, per Power Book, because Famous has not yet achieved widespread fame. Jess manages her brother’s career, but she is still figuring out how to balance the two roles. One day, Lou is working on his beat when he hears a beautiful woman with a sassy New York City accent singing over it. In an attempt to grab her attention, he nearly causes a car accident. He hands over his work car without even getting her name before he speeds off.

Detective Howard gets to go home after being hospitalized for three months. Burke offers her mate some love by going out on a date with him. She does not waste any time poking her nose about his place. Because of his close call, Howard feels like “he is been given another shot at all the garbage,” as he puts it to Burke. Burke tells Howard that Unique’s whereabouts have been accounted for, thus he is not the shooter, and that he is dedicated to discovering what occurred the night he was shot. He continues to insist that he is suffering from memory loss and shows no interest in changing his story.