President Biden New Gun Regulations To Bring Down Crime Rate

ghost gun
ghost gun

President Joe Biden is all set to lay out new gun regulations on Monday to combat gun crime. It includes a rule that targets the production and sale of all ‘ghost guns,’ guns manufactured without any serial numbers that make them difficult to be traced in case of a crime.

The President will speak about the new gun regulations at the White House at 2:15 ET. He is also expected to present his nominees for the ATF, which primarily enforces federal firearms statutes and investigates bombings and arson.

Steve Dettelbach is set to be President Biden’s nominee for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). He is a former attorney from Ohio. According to a senior official, he is a non-contentious candidate because of his long record in law enforcement.

Dettelbach had earlier unsuccessfully run for the post of the attorney general of Ohio. He had then advocated for a thorough background inquiry for people buying firearms. He had also backed the ban on assault weapons, and restricting licenses for people having severe mental issues. He could be the 1st permanent director of the ATF since 2015.

David Chipman had been the President’s earlier choice for his new gun regulations. But he faced strong opposition from the Republicans. Chipman had later criticized the Republicans and said that the industry profited from the spiraling gun violence.

New Gun Regulations To Target Ghost Guns

The new gun regulations will particularly target ghost guns that cannot be traced and make the task of law enforcement agencies all the tougher. These guns are manufactured using 3D printers and can be sold as easy-to-assemble sets. They could now be treated as other firearms sold in America.

Under the proposed new gun regulations, such guns will have serial numbers and sellers will have to go through all the rules in place for normal commercial guns. That includes background checks and keeping a record of all sales till they remain in business. Under the present rules, sellers can destroy records after two decades.