Josh Allen Was Out On A Romantic Date Night In N.Y.C. With Hailee Steinfeld

Josh Allen

American professional football player, Josh Allen was recently seen with Edge of Seventeen actress Hailee Steinfeld. The couple was seen last weekend at Sushi By Bou for a romantic date at the eatery, in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

Michael Sinesky, the founder of Sushi By Bou, had posted pictures of Steinfeld and Josh Allen with Chef Sergio on Facebook, and he wrote thanking them for dropping by his restaurant whenever Josh is in town. He was also thankful for bringing with him first-timers like Hailee and pals. In a picture, Josh was seen embracing Hailee with one arm as they took the picture with Chef Sergio and other friends. 

Josh and Hailee have been seen frequently together recently, adding up to gossip of their probable romantic relationship. According to comments by close contact of Hailee on PEOPLE, the couple had been in each other’s company in the past weeks and has also described the couple as cute, who are new in this but certainly enjoying their time together. 

Josh Allen and Steinfeld’s pictures were first taken on Thursday in N.Y.C. as they disembarked from a car for a date. Josh was wearing navy blue jeans with a white t-shirt, while Hailee was fashioning an off-white blazer with light colored jeans.

Josh Allen’s Rumored Breakup With Brittany Williams

Josh Allen’s, who was previously in a relationship with model Brittany Williams and now seen with Hailee Steinfeld, only adds up to the rumor of their probable breakup. Things have certainly been serious as Williams has unfollowed Josh and removed his pictures from her Instagram account. This breakup is bringing end to their five years long relationship, as they also lived in for four years as it was previously stated by Williams on The Morning Show by Kelly Stafford.