Pride Flags Removed In Michigan Schools After Inquiry

pride flags

School district staff in Michigan were requested to make sure there were no pride flags inside their classrooms while officials of the administration are addressing an inquiry. An “external party” is said to have filed for the inquiry, as per the school officials’ statement.

The Removal Of Pride Flags Expected To Be Temporary

The inquiring party had contacted the officials of Three Rivers Community Schools on 18th November. They questioned what was being shared in the span of a school day. The information being questioned included the affairs of the after-school club called the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), as well as the pride flags, present inside the classrooms of Three Rivers Middle School (TRMS).

The official statement read that after gathering information from this external party, the TRCS also held internal talks with officials of the school concerning this matter. Additionally, the TRCS also contacted Thrun Law Firm about the two issues. For now, the GSA club was given permission to carry on with their activities provided they also followed the policies of the board.

However, pride flags had to be removed. Pride Flags will also be kept out of the classrooms until the matter is reviewed by the Education Board at the next meeting, according to the officials of the school. The statement had no elaboration on the identity of the inquiring party or the exact details of it. Regardless, the statement continued that TRCS will keep exploring the best methods of supporting every student which includes the GSA club continuing.

Andrew George, an alumnus of TRCS, told CBS that he had worried over the decision take to get rid of pride flags. He said that he feared for the LGBTQ students’ well-being. Only by showing that the community accepts them can further depression be prevented.