Tim Tebow Ridiculed For Poor Performance In Preseason Jags Debut

tim tebow
Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow made a return on the NFL in the preseason match, alongside Trevor Lawrence, who also made his debut for Jacksonville Jaguars. However, Tebow’s debut was not as good as expected. Fans who expected to see something great out of the debut from Tebow were quite disappointed by his performance during the match. He was the highlight of the match, but for the reasons which were wrong.

When the timer had just 28 seconds left, Tim Tebow attempted a slide in order to block Curtis Weaver, but it went wrong and Tebow was left propelling. This caused him to be the joke of the preseason. The block had been made in order to make way for Dare Ogunbowale, the running back, but it did not go exactly as planned. Although Tim Tebow failed the attempt of making major contact, he was still able to subdue Weaver.

Tim Tebow managed 16 snaps during the match but was not able to register a single catch while being a receiver. Although he did get an opportunity to grab a catch, Tavon Austin came up in front and received the ball instead of him and went ahead in the field.

Tim Tebow At Test For Jags

Tim Tebow showed a performance that was not expected of him and would need to improve on the same eventually if he has hopes of continuing to have a future in the sport. Time would reveal what is in the future for the athlete. 

The Jags are required to reduce their roster down and having just 85 slots by the 17th of August, which happens to be on Tuesday. Tim Tebow being on the roster has become uncertain after his performance in the opening preseason games, and if he does not manage to improve in the next game, his future at the club would be uncertain.