Queen Rania Visits The Bidens With King Abdullah II!

Queen Rania
Queen Rania

King Abdullah II and Queen Rania have managed to pay their 1st official visit to Dr. Biden, First Lady, and Joe Biden, President, United States of America. It is their 1st visit since January when they first set foot inside the White House. 

Queen Rania Reigned In A Red Dress While Visiting The White House!

On 7th July, the House released an important statement declaring the visit of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania. The statement read: The First Lady and the President are looking forward to greeting Jordan’s King Abdullah II along with Queen Rania, Her Majesty. Prince Hussein, His Royal Crown, was also present in the meeting. The meeting happened on 19th July 2021. The statement also talked about how the meeting will strengthen the strategic and enduring partnership of Jordan and the US. Jordan is a key ally and security partner of the US. The statement also mentioned how this meeting will contain many opportunities to discuss many challenges that West Asia is facing. 

Showcasing the leadership of Jordan in promoting stability and peace within Asia can be another highlight of this meet. President Biden was looking to strengthen this bilateral cooperation regarding economic, security, and multiple political issues. The US was looking to promote more new economic opportunities in the region in this meeting with Queen Rania and His Majesty! King Abdullah the third, now 59 years old, and Queen Rania, now 50 years old previously visited the US and the House in 2018 and 2017 when Donald Trump was the president of the United States of America. In 2016, Her Majesty was named as one of the women responsible for changing this world. This honor was given to Her Majesty by PEOPLE. 

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