Spending Bill Opposed By The Republicans

Pennsylvania Senate Race
Pennsylvania Senate Race

Spending Bill has been opposed and blocked by the members of the Republican party. The bill aimed to provide funds for the functioning of the government at different levels. It also had the proposal about the suspension of the upper limit of debt. This blockage would most probably result in the shutting down of the government on Friday. This would also threaten a huge default somewhere in October. Congress needs to act promptly in the matter if they want to avoid catastrophe. The bill was raised in the Senate. It required sixty votes to get it passed. However, it performed miserably as all of the Republicans gave it no vote. Let us learn more about the Spending Bill below.

Spending Bill Blockage Could Land US In Serious Trouble

Each one of the Republicans voted against the bill. The leader of the Senate Majority was Chuck Schumer. He initially voted in favor of the bill. However, he later changed his mind and went against the motion. When asked about his sudden change in decision, he mentioned procedural factors. 

The failure of the bill getting passed did not come as a surprise. The Republicans have been long opposing and criticizing the policies of Democrats. They complained about both Congress & Democrats spending way too much. The Republicans clearly stated that they will not entertain the expansion of the upper debt limit.  

Congress will now have to act promptly to ensure the smooth functioning of the government. The Spending Bill has to be passed by the end of September. Failure of which will see a large number of government operations come to a screeching halt. If it happens, this will be the second shutdown in two years. The previous shutdown was witnessed in 2019, under the presidentship of Donald Trump.