Chuck Schumer Is The Ultimate Decision Maker When It Comes To The Filibuster Rule

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer

As per the views of the senators from the Republican party, Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Senate majority party, is bent on one motive. That is doing away with the rule of the filibuster. However, the same views are not shared by the fellow members of the Democratic party of Schumer. 

Chuck Schumer’s Decision Is Unknown

Jon Tester, the Democratic senator, gave a statement with regard to the impression given by Chuck Schumer on the filibuster rule. It was stated that he possibly does not want to abolish the rule. The senator also mentioned the fact that nothing of the topic had been talked about. Democrat John Tester shared the need to have a discussion on the matter. He concluded his statement by adding that the majority leader might work towards making the workplace beneficial for collective work.

Currently, Chuck Schumer is busy making promises to deal with the bill concerning several crucial subjects. They include gun control and voting rights. These are the bills that do not have the required support of the GOP leaders. And this is what is taking the Senate towards a collision of the parties over the much-needed threshold of 60-vote that is required for the passage of most of the laws.

The members of the Senate are engaging in bipartisan meetings in order to solve the issue of deadlocks with regard to the bills of infrastructure, immigration and minimum wage. However, the ultimate decision lies in the hands of Chuck Schumer. It is up to him to make the decision on providing the final push to change the rule of the filibuster. Either that or he might depend on the centrists who make the deal in order to produce the legislation that can move forth with just 10 votes of the GOP members.

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