Reaction Of Safaree To The Pregnancy Reveal Of Erica Mena Breaks The Internet!


Black Twitter comments on the reaction of Safaree to the pregnancy reveal of Erica Mena. The recent episode of the famous show, ‘Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ featured the famous scene where Mena was informing her estranged husband about her pregnancy. 

Fans Question The Validity Of the Clip Of Safaree And Mena!

Black Twitter got a glimpse of it and made it viral. After that clip went viral, the internet started discussing the reaction of Safaree Samuels to the pregnancy reveal of Erica Mena on the episode. According to a report by TheGrio, an estranged couple, Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels recently welcomed a second kid despite their ongoing divorce.

The couple announced this big news 3 weeks ago on Instagram. She talked about her 23-week pregnancy. However, the reaction of Safaree was not what Erica expected. In that clip, Samuel asks Mena about the number of weeks that she is gonna be there. After that, the couple sat in silence for some time. He then adds that Mena is supposed to know how he feels about having kids. 

As Erica tried to respond to this underwhelming response by Samuel, Samuel explained that the couple was starting to get their rhythm right. After having this kid, they will have to work on their rhythm again. The clip broke the internet pretty quickly with fans calling Samuels out for his abrupt response. They also doubted whether Mena was really pregnant or not. They also question the validity and authenticity of the entire clip. One fan tweeted that how can the couple let us believe that Safaree Samuels didn’t know about the pregnancy of Erica Mena. They were making fun of the fact that the belly of Erica Mena didn’t appear to be poking out.