The Rising Star: Val Demings’ From Being A Police Chief To A Run Against Senator Marco Rubio

Val Demings
Val Demings

Rep.Val Demings, the fast-rising Florida Democrat announced that she is in the running to defeat Republican Senator Marco Rubio in 2022. The former Orlando police chief, who was shortlisted as a running mate for President Joe Biden in the presidential election, was first elected in 2016 to the House of Representatives.

One of the impeachment managers at the first trial of former President Donald Trump, Val Demings said that she never tires of standing up for what is right.

Never Tire Of Doing Good: Val Demings

A video released by her campaign managers promoted her personal story and the fall in crime in Orlando during her term as its police chief.

Her run for the Senate is sure to provide the Democrats with a nationally known contender against her formidable opponent, incumbent Senator Rubio.

She highlighted her modest beginnings and her meteoric rise in the Orlando PD. She has been projected as the person who succeeded in bringing stability under an uncontrollable president.

A Sharp Incisive Mind

Her role as one among the seven impeachment managers at the historic trial against then-President Donald Trump propelled her to the national stage.

Her law enforcement background made Val Demings stand out in the case where the discredited then-president was charged with withholding a meeting at the White House, plus a security aid of $400M to put pressure on Ukraine for investigation against then-candidate Biden. Her incisive questioning skills as a law enforcement officer stood out in the Intelligence Committee hearings.

A Humble Beginning

Val Demings cited her humble background in the impeachment proceedings against Trump. She said that her background in upholding the law has taught her that the law stood for nothing if the President is allowed to prevent witnesses from giving evidence, destroy evidence, attempting to force Ukraine to meddle in the American elections, and unashamedly refuse to be a part of the investigation process.

Shortlisted For The Running Mate To President Biden

She was shortlisted as a potential mate in the presidential election but her law enforcement stint came in the way. She retired as police chief in 2011 and in 2016 represented the 10th Congressional District of Florida.  She was re-elected in 2018 and 2020. At present, she is on the House Homeland Security Committee and also the Intelligence and Judiciary panels.

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