Val Demings And Jim Jordan Caught In Fiery Exchange Of Words

Val Demings
Val Demings

Val Demings, the Representative from the Democratic party caught herself in what appeared to be a heated exchange with Jim Jordan, the Representative from the Republican party. It took place after The Republican Representative interrupted the speech of the Democratic Representative. The incident took place this Tuesday. It was one of the judiciary hearings of the House. Val Demings was making a statement about the subject of law enforcement.

Val Demings On Police Officers

When the argument took place, the House was under serious tension. The debate was going on the topic of the hate crimes act related to the covid-19. The act was to address the rise in the hate crimes against the Asian society of the country following the spread of the coronavirus. 

An amendment was introduced by the members of the Republican party concerning the police department. As per the amendment, the defunding of the departments of police was to be prevented. It is to be noted that the legislation in question does not strip the funding of law enforcement.

Democrat Val Demings gave a statement with regard to the issue. She made an effort to clear the intentions that lay behind the law. It was stated that the law was an irrelevant one. She has worked under the police department of Orlando for a period of three years.  

She continued to speak on the service that is paid by the “good” police officers of the country. She stated the fact that she had experience of 27 years as an officer of law enforcement. As she proceeded with her speech, Demings got interrupted by The Republican Jordan. But that was unacceptable to Demings who went on to hit her desk as she claimed that she was not done with her speech. Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary too spoke out in order to restore decorum in the House.

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