Republican Andrew Clyde Dishonors Officer Injured On Jan. 6 Insurrection

andrew clyde
andrew clyde

Police officer Michael Fanone who was stun-gunned several times and beaten with a flagpole during the riots was disgusted by Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde’s behavior when he met him. He was ignored by the Republican as he approached him near an elevator Wednesday afternoon.

Andrew Clyde was one of the 21 House Republicans who voted against legislation to award a Congressional Gold Medal to every officer who had defended the Capitol during the insurrection.

Andrew Clyde Refuses To Recognize Officer Who Defended Capitol

Officer Falone said he very cordially extended his hands. But Andrew Clyde kept staring at him. He said that he did not recognize him. When Officer Falone introduced himself and said that he was the DC Metropolitan Police Officer who had fought to protect the Capitol on January 6 against rioters, he remained silent, fidgeting his cellphone. 

He was stun-gunned and assaulted, and suffered serious head injuries. He told Rep. Andrew Clyde that he was the officer who was attacked and suffered a serious brain injury after he was tased several times to the head.

Clyde fidgeted with his cellphone till the elevator door opened. He then turned and ran away hurriedly. ‘Like a coward’, said Officer Falone, who found the behavior disgusting.  

Clyde Called Rioting A Tourist Visit

Andrew Clyde has repeatedly sought to downplay the incident on January 6. He had called the rioters a disciplined mob who had stayed between the ropes once inside and just took pictures and videos. The reams of footage of violence nailed his lie.

Officer Fanone had also suffered a heart attack that day. He said that the interaction was an insult to all law enforcement officers and found Clyde’s behavior disgusting. Video footage has proved that the mob was out to kill or capture lawmakers that day. Democrat Gerry Connolly said that the twenty one Republicans who were against honoring the officers, were part of the insurrection mob. 

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