Republican William Braddock Threatens Hit Squads Against Rival Anna Luna

william braddock
william braddock

The police are investigating the alleged threat Republican congressional candidate William Braddock made against Anna Paulina Luna in a phone call. In the call, he allegedly threatened to dispatch a ‘Russian-Ukrainian’ hit squad after her and make her ‘disappear’. The call was secretly recorded.

The two are in the running for the 13th congressional district seat in Florida in the lower house. Even as the police declined to comment further, both Paulina, 36, and William Braddock, 37 could not be contacted.

In his 30 minute call, William Braddock told the conservative activist that Paulina would ‘go down. He further said that though he was against ending anybody’s life, he would do it for the benefit of the nation, but it would break his heart.

William Braddock Calls Luna A Dead Squirrel

Conservative Erin Olszewski handed over the recording to the police. Braddock called Luna a ‘f—ing speed bump in the road’ and a ‘dead squirrel’ that is frequently run over on the road. He boasted about his contacts with a European hit squad comprising Russians and Ukrainians.

William Braddock urged Olszewski to not support Luna and said that she would go down. The recording was made secretly on Wednesday and she handed it over immediately to the police.

He also rambled on about getting help from Freemasons and talked about millions from Gibraltar and Malta. Olszewski said that he appeared unhinged in his hate for Luna.

He said that if figures favor Luna, he would make sure that Luna disappears. Preliminary investigation indicates that the voice on the phone is William Braddock’s.

Braddock filed to run as a GOP candidate earlier this week for the seat Luna is contesting. Luna had lost to incumbent Democrat Rep. Charlie Crist last year. Crist is vacating the seat to run for governor.

Braddock has threatened to take legal action against Olszewski. Recording a person without their knowledge is a felony in Florida.