Republicans Reiterate Support For Ukraine Despite Tucker Carlson’s Ridicule

tucker carlson
tucker carlson

Republican leaders have stood by Ukraine but have remained siled on Tucker Carlson’s statement ridiculing support for US involvement in Ukraine. Carlson called Senator Jim Risch a ‘moron’ for nudging for a stronger American presence in Ukraine in the standoff with Russia.

Several other Republican senators have shrugged off criticism over their backing of Ukraine as tension escalates between the two superpowers. Tucker Carlson has devoted part of several episodes on his program to hitting out at GOP officials who have pushed for a more aggressive policy.

Various Republican senators have pushed for a robust militaristic reply to the Russians, who have amassed over 100,000 troops along the Ukraine border over the past months.

Tucker Carlson was scathing when he pointed out that America did not benefit if a war breaks at on the Russia Ukraine border. He said that it has already reached a state where people denounce you as a traitor when it is pointed out that in no way does America benefit from siding militarily with Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson Ridicules Notion That It Is Loyal To Support Ukraine And Disloyal To Support Russia

Tucker Carlson was especially scathing as he pointed out that both Russia and Ukraine were foreign countries and had nothing to do with the US. He said America had no strategic interests to protect and Ukraine is strategically irrelevant to American interests.

Going to war will not make America stronger, safer, or prosperous. He pointed out that the American economy was too fragile to handle another war at this stage. America faces dangerous levels of inflation, a disarrayed workforce, and fluctuating financial markets.

He said it was ridiculous to assume that a war at this stage will not make it worse.

Tucker Carlson has at every stage explicitly stated his posture on escalating the situation saying that the only country to benefit from all this will be China. But his colleagues are firm of the view that Russia remains the aggressor and Ukraine has the right to seek the protection of their borders, being a sovereign nation.