Review For Netflix Series XO, Kitty 

XO, Kitty

XO, Kitty is a Netflix series of 10 episodes and is a spin-off of the Netflix trilogy show, To All the Boys I’ve Loved, adapted from Jenny Han‘s novel of the same title. The series narrates the story of Anna Cathcart’s character Kitty Song Convey, a Korean-American girl in her sweet sixteen. She catches a flight from Portland and arrives at the Korean Independent School of Seoul.

Her uninformed enrollment at this school was an act out of her love for her long-distance lover Dae,  played by Minyeong Choi. However, Kitty is soon met with a rude awakening, when she learns that Dae had been cheating on her with Yuri, a rich girl, and also lying about his family’s financial situation. Dae’s father works as the driver for Yuri’s family, while Yuri’s mother Jin, played by Yunjin Kim is the principal of the school. Other highlights of XO, Kitty, are that Kitty’s mother was a former student of this school and that she was a friend of Principal Jim, which she denies. Yuri actually loves a girl called Juliana and pays Dae to act like her boyfriend. 

XO, Kitty Is Full Of Emotions 

XO, Kitty is a series, which is full of emotions, with the story moving on in an entertaining manner. This series speaks the mind of Kitty, of how romantic she had expected her travel and admission to this school would be, but rather is met with quite the opposite, about friendship, love, existential crises, and betrayal. It also narrates the side of Yuri’s story, that she pays Dae to pretend as her boyfriend, while she is in love with Juliana played by Regan Aliyah, any disclosure of which, might bring her shame. XO, Kitty is a well-layered drama and is streaming on Netflix now.