Rick Scott Wants Permanent U.S. Military In Ukraine

Rick Scott
Rick Scott

Rick Scott, the U.S. Senate, stated in an interview that Americans should seriously consider keeping the military army of the U.S. in Ukraine. This was said by him in an interview known as ‘Full Court Press’ which was hosted by Greta Van Susteren. 

Rick Scott’s  Opinion On U.S. Troops In Ukraine

Rick Scott also added that all the options must be kept open and the option of keeping the military army forever in Ukraine must be considered seriously by both countries. He gave this statement to the question of whether sending military support to Ukraine is a good decision or not. 

The administration of Biden gave a clear indication that the U.S. have no future plan of sending American military aid into the territories of Ukraine. This is because the U.S. has already sent thousands of military officers to the East side of Europe as a lead-up after Russia’s forceful invasion of Ukraine. However, in a statement given by Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, the involvement of the American army will only occur in case Russia invades any more country which is a part of NATO. 

In addition to this, Antony Blinken also stated that the reaction of the American army in case Russia invades NATO members is the strongest deterrence against Putin, the President of Russia. They clearly announced that America will openly defend the NATO countries in case they get attacked by Russia and this warning was taken by millions of pf people that Russia’s invasion cannot go any further than Ukraine. 

In a recent statement, Sen. Ron Johnson along with Rick Scott said that he does not support the idea of sending the troops during this time in Ukraine, and instead all the NATO countries must join hands and support Ukraine in this war. However, with the rise in aggression, Putin openly threatened every country with its nuclear weapon. Moreover, Rick Scott also said that though he does not think Putin will take such strong and harsh decisions and wipe out innocent people on his way, still his words must be taken seriously. 

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