Rihanna Prioritize Work Over Celebration


She had her baby a few months ago, and she is not under-confident, although she is taking advice even if she is fit or acceptable for the upcoming grand gig. Rihanna literally arranged a gig at the Apple Music Super Bowl halftime show, and the concerns didn’t let her sleep the day before. She held a press conference regarding some serious matters. She touched every matter and did not really specifically strengthen or focused on a particular matter.

Rihanna Coming Back Onstage

Rihanna has been off of the stage for a long time now. And she has been so focused on her career and upcoming gigs, she even forgot her birthday is coming, and valentines day as well. And she apparently got a call for a show, and she asked them if they are sure to hire her. And in her own words, the super bowl is one of the biggest shows of all time.

Rihanna already suffered from postpartum, and even if is she a yes, could she be able to pull this off? And even to her this is scary, she hasn’t performed in seven years, and this show comes as a challenge. As a new mom, Rihanna is super excited for her son to witness this moment, even though he is a baby he won’t remember a thing but this is a big moment for her.

13 minutes, is a short and challenging time for anyone to shortlist a song that is also celebrating. These 13 minutes will be focused on the last 17 years of the Queen’s life. Narrowing down the songs she is going to perform even harder than it looks. Rihanna would be representing immigrants and black women. She considers her lifelong career as a beautiful journey, Rihanna is one of those legendary singers of the era. Rihanna has already taken over the beauty industry and the music industry has always been in her grip.