Troian Bellisario Had A Crush On His Step Brother

troian bellisario

Troian Bellisario’s stepbrother Sean Murray. And even before they met, she had a crush on him when they were young. Sean Murray’s mother married Troian’s father in 1998. Hocus Pocus star didn’t know his step-sister was a big fan, and after she saw him, she was behaving a little weirdly. Just like any fan would do. She told him about having a crush on him way after she grew up and after their parents got married. It came as a shock to him back then.

Troian Bellisario’s Step Brother Still Looks Like A Teenager

Sean Murray appeared in the 1993 Disney film Hocus Pocus, where he was Thackery Binx. And immediately became the heartthrob for young women and teenagers. Real fans do recognize him, and the biggest fan was living in the same house with him, Troian Bellisario. Sean Murray even joked about how he still looks like a 14-year-old.

Till today Sean Murray and Troian Bellisario joke about the crush thing, and it still cracks him up. Troian Bellisario loved the movie like any other kid of that generation. Sean himself feels it was the greatest Halloween movie ever made.

Although Troian Bellisario’s stepbrother Sean Murray wasn’t involved in the hocus pocus 2, which was released last year. He has no regrets whatsoever. To him, he was just excited to see how this generation receive the film. The movie is all about those three witches, and it is justified on the director’s part if they even didn’t choose him to join. They are all old and wrinkled now, which would have looked bad on the screen. The camera adds ten pounds. And Troian Bellisario was one of the many crushes Sean Murray had after Hocus Pocus.