Spider-Man No Way Home: Peter Parker’s Costume Reveal

spider-man no way home
spider-man no way home

The first look of the suit of the upcoming MCU movie, Spider-Man No Way Home, is out. The famous suit of Peter Parker has gone through an upgrade. And the one who is responsible for the upgrade is Doctor Strange, one of the main characters of the Marvel Cinematic Franchise. Everything seems different right from the color to the design. Another fascinating thing about the Spidey suit is the fact that it comes with gauntlets. And not just plain gauntlets but those with inscriptions on them. 

Spider-Man No Way Home Costume Details

The color of the Spidey suit is a combination of gold and black. The way the gauntlets are designed is similar to that of Doctor Strange. This can also mean one more thing and that is the possibility of Spider-Man possessing some powers concerning spells. It may be that he derived it from Doctor Strange himself in Spider-Man No Way Home. Another MCU movie vibe that the Spidey suit brings about is that of Black Panther.

The combination of gold and black carries a strong Wakandan vibe. The webbing style of the Spidey suit in Spider-Man No Way Home, too, is very different from the others. It carries mystical energy with the deep blue color. The webbing too has inscriptions.

The upcoming MCU movie will have Tom Holland as the main Spiderman. He will be accompanied by Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, the Supreme Sorcerer. It is said that the Sherlock actor will carry out the role of a mentor in the movie just like Robert Downey Jr. did as Tony Stark. Sources have also confirmed that Spider-Man No Way Home will have the same batch of artists like it did from the sequel including Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Marisa Tomei, etc.