Ron DeSantis Begins Trip To Iowa

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis’s visit to Iowa marked the first visit by the right-wing Florida Governor this election phase to the state that goes to vote early. It has intensified conjecture over the timing of his announcement about his bid for the presidential election in 2024.

Ron DeSantis delivered his remarks before a full house at a Davenport Casino on Friday. He was later seen at the Des Moines along with the Republican Iowa Governor, Kim Reynolds, promoting The Courage to be Free, his latest book.

The governor spoke before a pack of a thousand people that frequently applauded him, even as he stressed the culture wars that have animated voters in the Republican primaries, particularly on the issue of education.

Ron DeSantis said that the Republicans have clearly demarcated the point beyond which they would not go, especially in the field of education. He said that schools were for educating, not indoctrinating students. The Governor stressed that parents should send kids to school without worrying that someone would force their agenda on their innocent minds.

Ron DeSantis Has Emerged As Trump’s Strongest Contender

Ron DeSantis has arisen as the strongest candidate to rival Trump for the GOP nomination race for the presidential primaries in 2024. Relationships between them, never at their best, have turned for the worse in recent months.

Recently Trump insulted DeSantis even as he announced his bid for a second term. But he appears to be on an unending slide down to oblivion. The midterms were a huge disappointment as most of the candidates he backed lost in November.

Ron DeSantis has repeatedly touted his achievements in his state. The crowd in Iowa supported DeSantis’ decision to drive out migrants from the state though it ended up costing the state $2M to transport them to Martha’s Vineyard.